The Importance of Selecting the Right Golf Balls

While they may all look similar and seem to offer the same level of performance, not all golf balls are created equal. Beyond the fact that they’re all 1.68” in diameter, things get more complicated. There is a broad range of covers, designs, compressions, constructions and dimple patterns, and each type is made to help golfers accomplish a specific task.

You may want to strike the ball and reach greater distances with minimal effort or you may opt to have more control on the green. Whatever you goal is for your game, there is a golf ball that suits your requirement.

Balls are also designed for certain swings and swing speeds so if you like to cut some strokes, it’s important to use to right golf ball. By learning more about the different types of balls, you can expedite your improvement in the sport. Of course, you will also need to devote some time for practice, as well as put in a serious amount of patience and dedication to the game.Below are the most common variations of balls which you may deem worth using.

1. Practice Balls

Practice balls are usually low-priced and made of plastic or other soft material so you don’t hurt anyone while practicing. If you’re a beginner, it is a good idea to buy practice balls in large quantity as beginning golfers tend to lose a lot of golf balls on the course. You may start practicing in a park or your garden, depending on your preference and convenience. Although these balls are used only for practice, you should still choose to buy the ones with good quality.

Golf Balls Types

2. Balls for Better Control

Golfers who have the power to hit the ball but lack precision and accuracy can greatly benefit from these balls. Balls that can give you better control are usually the high spinning balls. They reduce backspin and ensure that the golf ball stops at the green upon landing instead of rolling away from the target hole. These balls will help you strike straighter, making them well worth the investment.

3. Balls for Longer Distance

If you can swing swiftly and are having difficulty with the par 5 holes, you will find distance balls a great help. If you use this type of ball, you will be able to achieve longer distances you didn’t think possible. These golf balls are usually high-tech and can fly through the air with great speed. Using these will definitely increase your confidence with reaching far distances.

4. Novelty Balls

Golf BallsIf you find yourself starting to get bored with the usual game and wanting to break the ice, then novelty balls can be your best companion. These balls come in different colors and there are some that light up and glimmer when struck. Other balls are shaped like an American football, which makes the game even more exciting. Golf need not to get too serious, hit some novelty golf balls and play with a whole new level of enjoyment.

In addition, it is important to consider other factors like the weather and the golf course conditions when choosing a golf ball to play with. For example, if the course has been drenched with rain, then go for a ball that can produce less spin and travel farther. If you’re playing on a sun-scorched, rock-hard track, then choose a softer ball with enough spin and can land softly on the hard ground. If you’re a higher handicap, a ball with a harder cover and that produces less backspin is extremely useful.

You should also learn and understand the specific properties of a golf ball, such as the construction, control, spin, outer cover and compression. All these factors affect the way the ball flies and lands, and thus influence the overall outcome of your game. If you’re a beginner and do the sport only for fun, price may also be an issue. As it is, you can scoop up all the balls you can find in the course and use them. You will often find lost balls in the water, woods and other rough areas.

All things considered, selecting the right golf ball for your game can help you cut down the number of strokes you have to make per round. It is a good idea to always keep a few of each ball type in your bag and spend some time practicing with them. Learning different tactics with different golf balls can help you quickly hone your skills on the green. In case you’re still having some dilemma in choosing a ball, Rockbottomgolf is always here to help you out.