Support A Cause Through Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom embroidered patches are simple, durable, and most of all, convenient. They are the ideal products to help you raise awareness for a cause or to promote a product and a brand. We encourage you to talk to us and let us help you come up with the perfect patch that would represent your company or organization.Visit here patches4less for more details.

Embroidered Patches

We can guarantee that our patches are of good quality. They do not easily wear off. The edges are clean looking. Our backing options are reliable; they will allow you to attach and reattach the patches of your choice with ease. We have a wide range of options for you to achieve your desire outcome. Here are guides to help you look into each of our custom patches.


The bases of our patches are twills. Twills are diagonally woven fabrics. They allow any type of customization. They are extremely flexible and durable. You are to choose what processes to be applied on the base twills. If you are aiming for classy looking patches, we recommend embroidered patches. Our embroidery machines can produce your orders in a short span of time yet still with topmost quality. Custom embroidered patches are ideal for simple logos. We can cover 50% to 100% of the base twill with your preferred design.

If your design has intricate details, we recommend you woven patches. We use excellent micro-polyester threads to weave any given design. Our woven patches have soft and smooth finish.

We also have silk-screen printed and dye sublimated patches. Either is perfect if you are going for a more modern look. These two types of custom patches are creating a fad nowadays. They are widely used by many organizations such as schools and private companies. They are ideal for multi-colored logos and complex imageries.

Custom Embroidered Patches

If you want patches that are unique and exceptional, we give you our soft rubber PVC patches and bullion crests. The former uses rubber PVC materials as base and a specialized 3D mold for the application of the designs. Twills, threads, or dyes are not needed for these new innovative patches.

Our bullion crests, on the other hand, are our modern take on traditional custom embroidered patches. We use wires, felt or velvet, beads, and metallic threads to create these thicker and firmer types of custom patches. Bullion crests are popular to elite clubs, fraternities, and sororities.

Size and Shape

Make your patches eye-catching by stepping out of the box. Instead of a regular circular patch, why not try some other shapes? It is possible! We will make any shape possible for you. We can do simple heart-shaped, rectangular, box, triangle, or diamond. We can also follow the outlines of your images.

If your designs are just basic shapes or plain lettering, we recommend you our Chenille patches. Chenille patches are soft and fuzzy.


If you choose patches that use threads, you color selections are limited. Despite our wide selection of threads, there are shades that are not still available. We also want to advise you to be careful in combining thread colors. Some of your details may not appear legible if you choose the wrong thread. Our design department will further guide you with this issue.

For our dye sublimated patches, we dye each molecule of the twill so rest assured that any color will be noticeable. For the color of printed and dyed custom patches, the sky is your limit. Chenille patches’ bases can be of different colors; light colors are the popular option for this customization.


Backings basically support your patches. They also contain the attachments or adhesives that will enable you to pin or stick your patches on any type of fabric. Your first backing option is our plastic backing. This backing makes the patches firmer and thinner which made them easy to be attach to your clothes.

We also have adhesive backings that work like stickers. You just have to peel it and then, you may already stick it to your fabric. This option is ideal for special occasions; they are not for permanent use. If you are in need of attachments for multiple uses, we recommend pin backings and magnetic backings. Our high-class Velcro backings are also great for long-term use.


Pin backings consist of pins, brooches, or other attachments that can be hooked to your clothes. The attachments are located inside the layers of the base material of your customized patches. Magnetic patches contain a half-inch magnetic disk that allows your patches to have a better support when attached to fabric. The number of magnets to be used depends on the size of your custom embroidered patches.

Our Velcro backings have two kinds—hook-sided and two-sided. We have a huge selection of colors for these backings. Heat sealed backing is also an excellent choice. We use high-quality adhesives to allow a flat and stiff finish. Our heat sealed backings do not wear off even after 80 washes!

How to Strengthen Unity through Motivational Speaker

In every organization, community and company, unity is an essential aspect. Without it, the entire organization will not be able to function effectively and efficiently as a whole, thus, affecting the result of the success in a certain project. To achieve success, the people in an organization must have that harmonious relationship of working together to achieve the same goal.

Most of the time, the awkwardness and the chaotic relationship of the people inside the organization creates small misunderstanding, leading to greater chaos. This is the reason why managers and leaders make sure that before the start of another year, the members or staff have undergone a team building activity to prepare for another year of working together for the common goal.

Team building is a series of activities that aim to build unity amongst members of an organization

SpeakerThe goal of this activity is to break the walls of indifference among everybody in the team and start to establish that strong bond that will help each and every one consider and see each other as an ally. With every game and task comes that chance to work with people whom you seldom get to encounter in your circle of friends or in the main group where you usually belong.

Sometimes, due to the lack of time and financial support, you just have the team building activity at your office or at school. Someone who is good in hosting or facilitating activities in your own team or group is also the one who spearheads the team building activity.  This could be done if you have limited resources, but the most ideal team building activity is one facilitated by an individual who is not part of your organization to avoid bias groupings and activities, most preferably a professional motivational speaker.

Aside from the fact that our professional speakers have the skills of persuading and motivating you individually to become better versions of yourselves, they also have the ability to boost a team’s morale and unity. If you want the best results for your organization, then you should also give the best efforts in strengthening your team’s unity. Having this goal in mind, our speaker, Garrison Wynn, is the best guy to go to.

According to Wynn, building better relationships internally will improve a team’s ability to be consistently productive

He also talks about the fear of not having what you want and losing what you already have while working with others. With this kind of pathetic fear, your relationship with other people is greatly affected.

Our motivational speaker, Garrison Wynn, also capitalizes on the challenges that you face as a venue of future success. Through his activities and inputs, you will become more familiar with the different types of personalities, thus, improving your ability to understand your co-workers’ behaviour and their response to you. Once you have established all your conflict management program and the team culture that your organization and team should have, with our motivational speaker’s guidance, it will be easier to work harmoniously with one another.

Motivational Speaker

Insights that you can use not just in the workplace, but also in your daily life, are also given in team building activity. Some of these useful wisdom include being in the right side without labeling others’ decisions and actions  as a mistake and establishing strong communication with others to prevent unwanted conflicts and misunderstandings.

Our motivational speaker also explains your role in an organization, which is to be a part of the solution or the problem. It is your choice and that choice is summarized with the word, “accountability”. This means not passing on blames to others when mistakes or conflicts arise from the tasks assigned to you. Your accountability is useful in all aspects of your life.

Team building and conflict management is indeed a difficult topic to discuss and deliver to professional people especially to those who are arrogant in accepting their flaws and weaknesses. However, you also need the help of a good motivational speaker to open your eyes and make you more objective in dealing with your emotions rather than putting it first before achieving the goals that you need to finish with the help of others.

As quoted by our motivational speaker, Garrison Wynn, it is important to do your job well, but you may not get the opportunity if you can’t learn to benefit from each other. Achieving success does not come easy if you will just do it by yourself and ignore others who can help you with your tasks. If you learn to humble yourself and see your flaws on how you deal with others and notice where your limitations start, you can open your eyes and hearts for unity. Working with others means genuine success. After all, no man is an island.

Author Bio

At, our motivational speaker also capitalizes on the challenges that you face as a venue of future success.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Golf Balls

While they may all look similar and seem to offer the same level of performance, not all golf balls are created equal. Beyond the fact that they’re all 1.68” in diameter, things get more complicated. There is a broad range of covers, designs, compressions, constructions and dimple patterns, and each type is made to help golfers accomplish a specific task.

You may want to strike the ball and reach greater distances with minimal effort or you may opt to have more control on the green. Whatever you goal is for your game, there is a golf ball that suits your requirement.

Balls are also designed for certain swings and swing speeds so if you like to cut some strokes, it’s important to use to right golf ball. By learning more about the different types of balls, you can expedite your improvement in the sport. Of course, you will also need to devote some time for practice, as well as put in a serious amount of patience and dedication to the game.Below are the most common variations of balls which you may deem worth using.

1. Practice Balls

Practice balls are usually low-priced and made of plastic or other soft material so you don’t hurt anyone while practicing. If you’re a beginner, it is a good idea to buy practice balls in large quantity as beginning golfers tend to lose a lot of golf balls on the course. You may start practicing in a park or your garden, depending on your preference and convenience. Although these balls are used only for practice, you should still choose to buy the ones with good quality.

Golf Balls Types

2. Balls for Better Control

Golfers who have the power to hit the ball but lack precision and accuracy can greatly benefit from these balls. Balls that can give you better control are usually the high spinning balls. They reduce backspin and ensure that the golf ball stops at the green upon landing instead of rolling away from the target hole. These balls will help you strike straighter, making them well worth the investment.

3. Balls for Longer Distance

If you can swing swiftly and are having difficulty with the par 5 holes, you will find distance balls a great help. If you use this type of ball, you will be able to achieve longer distances you didn’t think possible. These golf balls are usually high-tech and can fly through the air with great speed. Using these will definitely increase your confidence with reaching far distances.

4. Novelty Balls

Golf BallsIf you find yourself starting to get bored with the usual game and wanting to break the ice, then novelty balls can be your best companion. These balls come in different colors and there are some that light up and glimmer when struck. Other balls are shaped like an American football, which makes the game even more exciting. Golf need not to get too serious, hit some novelty golf balls and play with a whole new level of enjoyment.

In addition, it is important to consider other factors like the weather and the golf course conditions when choosing a golf ball to play with. For example, if the course has been drenched with rain, then go for a ball that can produce less spin and travel farther. If you’re playing on a sun-scorched, rock-hard track, then choose a softer ball with enough spin and can land softly on the hard ground. If you’re a higher handicap, a ball with a harder cover and that produces less backspin is extremely useful.

You should also learn and understand the specific properties of a golf ball, such as the construction, control, spin, outer cover and compression. All these factors affect the way the ball flies and lands, and thus influence the overall outcome of your game. If you’re a beginner and do the sport only for fun, price may also be an issue. As it is, you can scoop up all the balls you can find in the course and use them. You will often find lost balls in the water, woods and other rough areas.

All things considered, selecting the right golf ball for your game can help you cut down the number of strokes you have to make per round. It is a good idea to always keep a few of each ball type in your bag and spend some time practicing with them. Learning different tactics with different golf balls can help you quickly hone your skills on the green. In case you’re still having some dilemma in choosing a ball, Rockbottomgolf is always here to help you out.

SEO Tips on Visibility

With everything being just a search button away these days, any business will do well in realizing the potential of search engines. Search has overtaken the world of sales as the primary tool for connecting buyers with willing sellers through visibility and attractive offers. However, with the dilution of the market and fickleness of internet users, a business will really need to be conspicuous, maybe even flashy, to come up on a results list for a search. Of course, building a strong business with a clear definition of products or services is a different kind of “tough”, and the creation of an online platform to offer these can only be described as essential.

Once you have all those done, read below for two tips for the next step: optimizing your website for search engines.

seoFirst: Keywords – There used to be a time when a webmaster only needs to make a page and submit it to various search engines for cataloging. These engines will crawl and index your submitted page to find oft-repeated words and phrases, which will be used to make your site appear on a search. Your webmaster only needs to know an inkling about your business model, and he can offer to embed the necessary keywords that will make you appear on a search. If you are your own webmaster, then you can also think of your own.

Keywords related to your industry are standard inclusions, but you should not be limited to just “pizza” and “delivery” if you offer pizza delivery services. Here’s an idea: add an extra Z to that pizza, and think of “pizzaz”. You can stroll a little ways off your actual business model, or be outright wacky and creative in listing these tags. You know, for that random hungry internet user who would actually search for an “amazing” “awesome” “pizza”. It costs just a little typing, but voila! You’ll come up on a search by those far-out, probably high folks.

Of course, keywords aren’t your only friends on your quest for search engine optimization. Thinking of keywords is simple compared to this next one. In fact, you have to prepare yourself. You may get into the annoying world of advertisements.

Yes, ads are another way to go. Do it the bad way and it gets icky. Try it yourself: go out into the wilderness of the internet. You will sometimes see products or services on misplaced pop-ups and distracting banners, and what do you do? Close the pop-up ad immediately with a small curse. However, you don’t need to resort to this method. It is not recommended to go this way, where internet users will just dismiss you as another fraud and automatically move the cursor to the “close” button, and click.

With care, you can actually promote yourself in an efficient way. You just might create enough backlinks to your site so you get ranked higher with every search. In the past, ads were confusing, all over the place, and not really there for the correct demographic. Anybody can see an ad about anything that may or may not pique their interests. However, ad-providers have evolved, fortunately enough, for both the seller and the buyer. There have become a distinct connection between the two, now that individual internet users are comfortable with parting information that helps to census the demographics.

Your product will be shown in ads on different sites on the internet to people who looked up the keywords on a different website. You get linked back by good reviews, which usually ends up with you getting a higher page rank.

This is how immersive the web has become, and it is best to take advantage of such a sophisticated tool as “search”.

Getting Creative When Signing Up For A SEO Affiliate Program

The world of affiliate marketing is not cut and dry. Some people try to pain it as such, but it’s a lot harder than you may think. You’ll find seothat in order to gain leverage in this world, you will need to factor in a lot of different elements moving forward. Only when you factor in the bigger picture will you truly grasp the complexity that is awaiting you when it comes to signing up for any program. This becomes especially true when you look at getting into a SEO affiliate program. Search engine optimization is a great thing that can level the playing field for a lot of companies that are looking at finding marketing collateral that is going to definitely allow for a greater reach overall. In the past, you could not compete with the heavyweights of technology, as you would find that they would topple you over with their reach.

Today, you will be able to compete with just about anyone, if you work within the parameters of good SEO service. As an affiliate, however, the chances of you building an empire through optimization alone becomes a matter of diminished returns. Sure, you could find some leverage overall, but you will still have to deal with a variety of issues moving forward. If you’re looking at entering this world, you will want to be creative about your overall approach. Only when you’re creative in the way that you approach this will you end up seeing a good deal of leverage.

The Sign Up Process

The very first thing that you need to do is sign up. If you do not sign up for a program, then what are you going to do overall? You’ll want to focus on looking into the right program for your needs, not just any old option. Some people will find that this can be somewhat of an arduous task, but that’s not true. You will want to take your time, don’t rush this. Many people will end up rushing the process and end up losing market share as a result. You will want to look at the sign up process with a certain degree of care.

Always read through the terms of service and make sure that you can chase the right elements overall. If you look at the terms, you will be able to sustain the right collateral moving forward. Just remember, you do not want to end up signing up for something that is going to limit your reach as an affiliate. Some programs, for instance, will hinder the way that you market certain things. If you were to work with PPC, you could be limited as to what words you could use to get traffic pointed to your site. It’s limitations like this that can hinder your forward progress, so don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Setting Up Traffic Modules

The number one thing that all major affiliates have to do is work within traffic. Traffic modules can either make or break your reach. If you do not have any sort of attention online, you will not be able to gain the right leverage moving forward. Setting up traffic generation solutions can be simple at first glance, but it can grow increasingly difficult if you’re not sure where or how to implement this. If you buy traffic, you will have to make sure that it comes from a unique source and it converts well.

Buying traffic is generally not advised, unless you are able to find PPC options that will help you build on the right relationships moving forward. Setting up traffic through pay per click could cost you a fortune to set up, and bidding on certain words will prove painstaking, however some do it and succeed. You will want to factor in what is going to work for your niche outright.

Social Media Cycles

Social-Media-CyclesThere are some people that have been able to pull a lot of attention from social media sites. That’s a good thing, as you will find that many social networks will allow you to promote your links, but only if you focus on doing so in a natural manner. You are not going to be able to sign up for these sites and just run through all the elements alone. Some people think that they can set up shop and then spam their links to whomever they want. If you do this, you could be marked as a spammer and once that happens, you will not be able to bounce back with relative ease.


Perhaps another thing that you may want to look into is blogging. Blogging about search engine optimization is a good way to lead into your affiliate links. When setting up any sort of site, you will need to work with SEO anyways, so why not sell it as well? With a good SEO affiliate program backing your site’s overall theme, you could find that the transition can be easy for people reading what you’re posting about this framework. The key is to look into the world of marketing as a whole and not just something small. It’s something well worth looking into as a whole.